Submitted by Kim Egekjaer on Fri, 02/28/2014 - 00:00

One of the german InterForm400 experts asked me this month, if the AUTO_FORM subsystem could be renamed as it for some is a bit annoying when doing a WRKACTJOB and then you need to scroll through all the InterForm400 jobs before getting to the other jobs. Especially as there is hardly ever any problems with the InterForm400 jobs ;-)

So he wanted to rename the AUTO_FORM subsystem into ZAUTO_FORM. And it is actually quite simple.You just need to do these steps (please read the full procedure before doing this):

1) Stop the AUTO_FORM subsystem (please try to end it when it is idle).

2) Select these options in InterForm400:

  • 70. Configuration and licences
  • 2. Configure InterForm 400
  • Hit Enter until you get to the screen where you can enter the name of the AUTO_FORM subsystem. Here you can even use a different library for the subsystem (required for IASP). You simply type the new name and/or library and in the bottom of the screen you can now read: Subsystem description now found - Press F10 to create. So press F10 and the subsystem description is copied to the new name and/or library.

3) You need to restart the new subsystem e.g. via option 5. Work with Auto Forms Control and 10. Start AUTO_FORM subsystem.

4) The final, but very important thing is to make sure, that the right subsystem is started up at IPL (start up of the iSeries). You probably already have an entry in the start up program referred in the system value, QSTRUPPGM. There you probably have these commands:

  • MONMSG CPF0000

You just change the STRSBS command to refer to the new subsystem description and recompile the program.

After doing this change you may notice, that InterForm400 keeps track of the new name: It is shown in the top of the screen when selecting 5. Work with Auto Forms Control and this is also the subsystem you are starting and stopping via the menu options here.