Submitted by Kim Egekjaer on Fri, 11/29/2013 - 00:00

The user program called via option 8=Call program in Auto Forms Control can normally only be called while running as AFCOPER or the spooled file owner. But if you install a PTF you can make it possible to state any user profile. The PTF is available for the official 2013 versions 2013M01-2013M09 and can be downloaded via this link:

You install the PTF by uploading it to the IFS inside /APF3812Home/PTFs and select this in InterForm400:
12. Service functions
50. Apply PTF from the /APF3812Home/PTFs directory
Type the PTF number: 4540 and hit Enter and F10 to install it.
You may need to exit InterForm400 and reenter (and restart the AFC job) to use this new feature.