Submitted by Kim Egekjaer on Thu, 01/31/2013 - 00:00

A few days ago I had a support case regarding the ‘Page selection criteria’, which is a feature of e.g. the email finish definition in option ‘6. Definition recipient-ID’.                                                                          

For most installations this is not used, so that is why this seldom is an issue. Apparently some misunderstand this feature, so I would like to illustrate what this can do and what it cannot do:

  1. What the page selection criteria cannot do: You might think, that any page not selected by the page selection criteria is not a part of the final output, but that is NOT the case. Only the split definition is able to remove pages from a spooled file.
  2. What the page selection criteria can do: If you e.g. only have the keys on the first page of each document, then you can use the page selection criteria to select only the first page of each document. Then the subsequent pages will ‘follow’ the first page, that is selected. The attached image shows how this could be done.
  3. If you have one or more keys, that are not printed in a fixed line/position, then you can use several page selection criteria lines to select the keys in different lines/positions depending on some leading text.
  4. If you want not to email some pages in a spooled file while using the email finish definition, you should make sure that the email address for those pages is set to blank. That can be done by adding an extra page selection criteria.