Submitted by Kaj Vang Jensen on Mon, 06/11/2012 - 14:57

IBM has implemented a new command; RUNSQL. It is activated with PTF's for V7R1 and V6R1. 

(It's a new CL command called RUNSQL. For 7.1, you must order 14 or Higher level of DB2 Group PTF SF99701. For 6.1, order 25 or Higher level of DB2 PTF Group SF99601). 

The command does unfortunately conflict with our own “ancient” RUNSQL command used in SMS BlueNote. The conflict causes BlueNote to stop. 

We have created a fix for this issue – replacing our old RUNSQL with a new RUNXSQL command. The new version is ready for download on our website.

SMS BlueNote customers who are having problems with RUNSQL must just upgrade to the latest version (6.3 PTF 143 or later).