Submitted by Kaj Vang Jensen on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 11:13

New features in version 6.3:


  • The Web client has now integration with Excel spreadsheets.
    This means that BlueNote users get an alternative method to send SMS to recipients - that are not in the address database on the System i™.

    Just write the mobile numbers and the messages in a spreadsheet. Then simply import the file in the web client, and press ‘Send’. Nice and easy. (See chapter 7.3 in the new manual).


  • Integration to SMS gateways using web services (and SOAP).
    Various GSM operators offer access to their SMS gateways in various ways. We have already support for UCP and HTTP gateways and we have now added Web services. The current integration has been made to ‘TDC’ a Danish GSM operator – but we can now implement and support other GSM operators (that uses Web Services) on request.


  • The SNDSMS command has been improved fore a more flexible switch between different GSM lines and GSM gateways.