Submitted by Kaj Vang Jensen on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 11:29

We have been asked about the difference between ‘BlueSeries Fax’ and ‘InterFax’.
It is as follows:

The product ‘InterFax PRO’ equals ‘BlueSeries Fax’. It is the same product that is just sold under different brand names in different markets.
The only difference is the main menu that displays the different brand names in the header. All fax commands and features are otherwise the same.

The product ‘InterFax LIGHT’ is a limited version of the product(s) above. 
It requires that InterForm is installed - and faxes can only be sent using the InterForm command set.
The product is limited to one (1) fax line only and the fax log is displayed for one (1) concurrent user only.