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Can a hacker get access through BlueSeries SMS.
Security Aspects related to SMS two-way SMS.

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  1) It is very important to have in mind that BlueSeries SMS is the only
     program connected to the GSM unit. The program is as such only
     accepting SMS communication. All other data streams e.g.  “ordinary”
     GSM data is ignored. There is no way to bypass SMS BlueNote and the
     comm. line will simply be varied of if SMS BlueNote is terminated by
     either “bad will” or by accident.
  2) In order to send SMS replies to system messages or execute calls on
     the iSeries – it is only users who are created as a user in option 4
     on the main menu, who is allowed to do anything active on the iSeries.

  3) The system requires a total match between the GSM number in the user
     profile and the number read in the users SIM card - this is down to
     the country code. You cannot access with a similar looking number
     issued from a foreign GSM operator.
  4) To create a user requires access to the iSeries and that you bypass
     the Security system in SMS BlueNote. You can determine that is only
     certain users who are allowed to edit user profiles.

  5) If an unlisted person sends a SMS with a command to the iSeries - the
     only thing that will happen is that the incoming SMS will be received
     in the log with an error message. The senders GSM number is of course
     displayed in the log.
  6) A listed sender will of course also have to know the special syntax of
     both the SMS reply and the iSeries Call.