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How do we handle a Disaster / Recovery situation? (Backup on a new machine)

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Sat, 01/01/2005 - 00:00

There are two scenarios:

1) You have a total backup of all programs, data and libraries. If
the total backup is reinstalled on blank machine. (e.g. at IBM)
it will just run.

2) You have backup of you libraries only. The programs must be
reinstalled separately.

We will use SAVLIB for backup and RSTLIB when restoring.

  * Save and restore program and database library xxx and xxxDB
    (xxx=FAX or SMS)
  * SAVDLO and RSTDLO for BlueSeries folder incl. subfolders

Are there any special considerations or instructions for restoring
Agent Data software to another machine ?

  * Run the installation program from e.g. CD (LODRUN *OPT) with
    the latest version of the product.